The Piano Technician

How much does a piano technician earn? Learn how to become one. Building your own lucrative personal business as a piano tuner and repairman.

The Piano Technician

What is a Piano Technician?

A piano technician repairs and tunes pianos. A qualified piano technician must be able to perform both repairs and piano tuning. However, not all technicians are able to do both. Some can only do one or the other. A good quality piano tuner that can also do piano repairs is very difficult to find. Therefore, you can categorize someone as a “Piano Technician” only if he or she can do both jobs. Otherwise, they will be either a “Piano Tuner” or a “Piano Repairman”.

How much do you earn?

A question frequently asked. Perhaps the most popular question. My answer to this question is quite simple and also based upon my own business of piano services.

I will give a bird’s eye view only from the “Piano Tuning” side of the business. Since my business is based in Bangkok, Thailand, I will use the Thai Currency Unit (Thai Baht).

A piano tuner can earn somewhere between ฿1,500 – ฿3,000 per piano tuning appointment of 3 hours. That is about $50 – $100 US Dollars per job. If we look at the minimum wage in Thailand, which is ฿300 Thai Baht per day, earning the minimum of ฿1,500 Thai Baht per piano tuning job is great for 3 hours of work.

piano technician business graph

Of course, this will also depend upon how many piano appointments you get in a day, week, or month. Just like any other business, your income will vary depending on your marketing skills and strategy. The more piano tuning appointments you make, the more income you get.

For example, if you tune 1 piano per day at ฿1,500 Thai Baht, 1 day a week, and multiplied by 4 weeks in a month, then you will have a monthly income of ฿6,000 Thai Baht a month. Now, if you tune 2 pianos per day, 2 days a week, and multiplied by 4 weeks in a month, then you will have a monthly income of ฿24,000 Thai Baht a month.

Piano tuning is a trade skill. Since it is a trade skill, it is a product in a form of a service that you can sell again and again at no cost at all. A product that is non-perishable and you don’t need to replenish. Because once you learn the skill to be a piano tuner, it will never be taken away from you.

How to become a piano tuner?

There are a lot of websites offering online piano tuning courses. Some are more expensive than others. And they explain and teach the piano tuning process in a very complicated way. So I decided to offer a very affordable Online Piano Tuning Course in which I teach and explain the piano tuning process in a very simple and easy-to-understand way!

For only ฿8,000 Thai Baht, around $250 US Dollars, you can register for Pro Piano Tuner’s Online Piano Tuning Course. This course can be completed in 1 month. However, you are allowed 1-year access to the course so that you can fine-tune your piano tuning skill. You will also receive a certificate from Pro Piano Tuner once you have completed the course.

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