Perhaps not the cheapest piano tuning service. However, the best professional piano tuning service in Bangkok, Thailand. And in addition, the most reliable. While our services include piano tuning, cleaning, and other minor adjustments. It also includes piano repairs not needing shop work. But, assessments of piano repair fees must be done on-site.


Piano tuning services

Piano Tuning Services

We tune your piano to a standard A440. Unless, if the current condition, status or health of the piano to be tuned does not allow a standard tuning.

Tuning Fee

  • Upright Piano = ฿2,400
  • Grand Piano = ฿2,400

The price above applies to clients in the Bangkok Metropolitan area only. While clients outside Bangkok, can contact us to get a price quote.


Allow 2 hours, at most for piano tuning service.


assessment services

Assessment Services

We offer piano health status and condition assessment services. So, we can inform piano owners about the actual and current health and condition of their piano.

Assessment Fee

  • ฿1,000 /hour
    • A fraction of an hour constitutes an hour.

This service is for clients that want to sell their pianos. Also for those who want to buy a second-hand piano.


piano cleaning service

Piano Cleaning Services

Pianos can gather dust, and also rust over time without you noticing. Our piano cleaning service however must be booked with a piano tuning service.

Cleaning Fee

  • Upright Piano = ฿1,500
  • Grand Piano = ฿1,500

Allow additional 1 – 1.30 hours for thorough cleaning. In addition to the piano tuning duration.

For other services that might not be in the list above, please contact us.

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