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Online Piano Tuning course based in Bangkok. Only ฿3,000 Baht. Receive a certificate. Easy to follow steps. Can be completed in 1 month.

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Piano Tuning Made Easy

Very affordable online courses. Only ฿ 3,000 Thai Baht. Also, receive a certificate of completion from Pro Piano Tuner when you complete the online course. Also, you can study at your own pace with easy-to-follow instructions and visual aids. Can be completed in 1 month. However, we are allowing “6 Months” access for those who subscribe to our online course.

Furthermore, we offer a course for the two methods of piano tuning. We can also arrange a piano for you to practice your piano tuning.

There are two types of piano tuners. Firstly are the “Digital Piano Tuners” who use a digital device to set the temperament. And then secondly, are the “Aural or Traditional Piano Tuners” use only one note as a reference to set the temperament. That is to say, without the need for a digital tuning device. Which type are you going to be?

Online Courses Offered


Piano tuning method using a digital tuning meter.

(6 Months Access)
(Now Available)

Learn how to tune a piano using a digital tuner or a smartphone with a digital chromatic tuner application software installed. Using a professional digital piano tuner is highly recommended.

Very popular among those who wish to tune pianos as a hobby. There are also professional piano tuners that solely depend on this method. Nevertheless, also an effective method in piano tuning.


Piano tuning method without using a digital tuning meter.

(1 Year Access)

Learn how to tune a piano in the traditional method without using a digital tuner nor a smartphone with a chromatic digital tuner application software installed.

This method is the traditional method of tuning a piano. Also, it is considered the best method in professional piano tuning. Suitable for those who want to depend more on their listening skill. Therefore, it will require more concentration and ear training.


We can arrange a piano to practice piano tuning for customers within Thailand

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