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Piano Tuning


piano tuning ad

The best value for your money for a piano tuning package. For only 2,400 Thai Baht, you can have your piano tuned by a Professional Piano Tuning Specialist with more than 30 years of experience in the piano tuning and servicing trade.

You also receive a FREE after tuning piano condition & status assessment.

The Package

PIANO TUNING – Will require at least 2 hours and not more than 3 hours.

  • In an event that the piano to be tuned is out of tune way under the standard tuning, we shall do a 2nd pass fine tuning in the same session that might extend the regular tuning time to 3 hours or more with no additional charges.

FREE minor repairs and minor touch adjustments during piano tuning session.

*** Prices applicable for clients in Bangkok. For “Outside Bangkok” piano tuning services, please send us an email at ppt@networkinc.net to get a price quote.

Retainer’s Program


retainer program ad

To keep your piano in its best possible condition, your piano needs to be regularly maintained and tuned every 3 months at least.

Subscribe to Professional Piano Tuner‘s “Piano Tuning Retainer’s Program” and receive more than 16% discount on piano tuning services every time  your piano is tuned in 3 months time intervals.

How to subscribe to our “Piano Tuning Retainer’s Program”?

Book for a piano tuning service appointment with Pro Piano Tuner and ask to sign up with our Retainer Program.

You will automatically receive more than 16% discounts for the following Piano Tuning Services every 3 months thereafter.

Retainer’s Program Tems & Conditons

  • 1 year contract with Pro Piano Tuner.
  • Your piano will be tuned 4 times in 1 year (intervals of 3 months) at promotional price of 2,000 Thai Baht each piano tuning.

*** Prices above are applicable for clients in Bangkok only. For “Outside Bangkok” piano tuning services, please send us an email at ppt@networkinc.net to get a price quote.

Book for a Piano Tuning Service or subscribe to our “Piano Tuning Retainer Program” and get your piano maintained in its best condition.

Please take time to read our Service Agreement.

For urgent details and information about our promotions, our contacts are provided below;

Mobile: +66 (0)86 784 2433

Email: ppt@networkinc.net