selling your piano

Do’s before selling your piano

Prospect buyers of used or second hand pianos always want to purchase a used or second hand piano with best condition as possible. Having your piano tuned and serviced before putting it up for sale is recommended to show the prospected buyer the actual condition and status of your piano and to command a higher appraisal price.

Always remember that Buy & Sell agents of used or second hand pianos, are just like used car sales men. They always want to buy your GOOD piano when it is NOT in it’s best condition so that they can put down their price offer or bid to buy your piano.

  1. Have your piano Serviced and Tuned by an independent professional piano tuner.
    • It is recommended that you have your piano serviced and tuned by an independent professional piano tuner before putting your piano up for sale so you can have an unbiased assessment of the actual condition of your piano.
    • Having your piano tuned before putting it up for sale puts your piano in its best condition. You can then command a higher appraisal price depending on the best condition of your used or second hand piano.

If you would like your piano assessed and tuned independently before sale/purchase, you can always rely on Pro Piano Tuner. We will always give you the “bottom line”.

Send us an email at or call us at +66 (0)86 784 2433.

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