danger of no maintainance

Danger of Non-Maintenance

Another common mis-conception about pianos is that, “Pianos just have to be tuned when needed”. That is also not recommended. Your piano needs to be regularly checked to make sure it is in good condition.

To explain it better, think of your acoustic piano just like your car. Ever so often, you bring your car to the garage for checkups. Every 20,000 – 30,000 kilometers traveled, you take it again to the garage for a change of engine oil. And you always have your car technician check your car’s brakes, air bags, etc… before its too late and your car breaks down. That is in that moment when the cost of repair might be a lot higher than the cost of maintenance.

In a very similar fashion, you should have your acoustic piano tuned and checked up regularly so that your piano technician can monitor the wear and tear on your piano and suggest prevention methods rather than repairs.

What to expect from your acoustic piano if your piano has not been tuned for a long time.

  • An acoustic piano no that is not properly and regularly maintained can present more problems in the long run.
    • It can lead to unchecked wear and tear in the piano’s machine that if not addressed on time, might be costly to repair or fix, if it still can be repaired or fixed.
    • It can put your acoustic piano in a “Sub-standard Tuning” state. It means that your piano’s tuning can slip lower than the Standard 440 tuning if not monitored by regular tuning and maintenance.
    • If your piano’s tuning is way under the Standard 440 tuning, your piano’s tuning stability can be compromised, and it might be necessary for more multiple piano tuning sessions to get your piano’s tuning stability back into place.

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