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The only professional piano tuner and piano tuning specialist in Bangkok who utilizes the original method of tuning acoustic pianos. The “One Base Key” Method is the traditional piano tuning method and considered the best method for tuning pianos. Piano tuners using this method of tuning acoustic pianos are still considered as the best piano tuners up to these present days because of their versatility, capability and ability to tune your upright or grand piano to its optimal perfectness depending on the condition, quality and state of your piano.

Professional Piano Tuner has more than 30 years of experience in the trade of piano servicing. Undoubtedly your best choice when you want only the best to maintain and tune of your Acoustic Pianos.

Outside Bangkok piano tuning service is also offered. Please contact us to get a price quote for your area.

We tune Grand Piano and Upright Piano in the same price.

Please read our Service Agreement for more information about Pro Piano Tuner services.